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Digital asset management for global institutions. We combine our digital innovation with traditional investment expertise in pursuit of better risk-adjusted returns.

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Investment Strategies

Our strategies and solutions are calibrated to support institutional engagement in digital assets.

Multi-Strategy Solution

Our multi-strategy solution seeks to monetize distinct return sources from digital assets through a single structure. This solution’s sub-strategies may include quantitative strategies, yield-focused strategies, and may selectively deploy capital into new strategies focused on potential arbitrage and dislocation opportunities. Capital allocations will change based on the opportunity set, and are governed by a risk management framework to guard against extreme tails. This solution is expected to launch in Q1 2024 and is anticipated to support quarterly withdrawals.

Digital Indices

Our index strategies are calibrated to the Coinbase Core Index (COINCORE) and the Coinbase Size Tilt Index (COINTILT) benchmarks. 

The Coinbase Core Index (COINCORE) tracks a dynamic core basket of the most liquid and fundamentally sound digital assets weighted by market capitalization.

The Coinbase Size Tilt Index (COINTILT) weights the assets in the Core Index by the square root of market capitalization, tilting towards constituents of a smaller market capitalization. 

The Coinbase Broad Index (COINB) is a benchmark, and is not investible. COINB provides a comprehensive view of the digital asset universe by tracking a wide array of assets. The Index focuses exclusively on fundamental screening, not the readiness to scale to institutional investors.

  • Our indices take a systematic, rules-based approach to reconstitution by applying fundamental, regulatory, and liquidity filters.

  • MarketVector Indices is the Benchmark Administrator, incorporated in Germany and registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

  • Stablecoin and privacy assets are excluded. 

Digital Trend

The strategy seeks to take advantage of the volatility and trends in digital assets through a systematic approach to investing. The strategy is trend-based, taking long exposure to bullish assets and going short with bearish trends.

Going long and short, the strategy seeks to benefit from digital asset price movements regardless of direction. The overall speed and implementation of the strategy is carefully calibrated to the unique nature of digital assets.

The strategy is available in two formats: full expression in digitally-native assets, or regulated derivatives only.

Digital Credit

Digital assets are increasingly viewed as high-quality collateral, and borrowing demand is robust. Our strategy seeks to capitalize on this borrowing demand to deliver institutional investors a high-quality, over-collateralized, liquid credit strategy. 

The Coinbase Digital Credit Strategy is designed to be the lowest risk yield solution in digital with no direct exposure to crypto assets.

Digital Opportunistic

The Bitcoin mining sector occasionally faces financial stress due to Bitcoin price volatility, increased competition, and rising energy costs. Through the Digital Opportunistic Strategy, Coinbase Asset Management aims to capture investment alpha through three verticals: senior secured loans, loan books purchases, and restructurings/facility sales. 

We seek to aid in the industry's efforts to restructure and recapitalize by helping miners avoid default in exchange for higher returns + enhanced collateral packages and recourse.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Strategies

These long-only, passive strategies provide exposure to the most prominent digital assets in the market in single-asset Cayman vehicles. Both strategies are delivered to clients at the lowest flat fee and most attractive liquidity terms in the marketplace.

Carbon Neutral Bitcoin is available in the B share class in Bitcoin Strategy. Ethereum Staking is available in the B share class of Ethereum Strategy. Ethereum yields re-staked since the Shanghai update – 365 daily liquidity.

Our single-asset index funds seek to remove complexity and non-investment risks. They embed careful consideration of the risks inherent in digital assets. We use multiple custodians and are non-lending. We deliver 365 daily liquidity in our institutional vehicles with ERISA compliance.

Infrastructure Solutions

Project Diamond

Project Diamond is an institutional network for digital assets – a platform enabling traditional finance activities within a permissioned, private platform.

A permissioned "app store" to issue, auction, and trade digitally native assets, with digital commercial paper the first application.

Project Diamond will:

  • Lower costs for traditional financial activities. We can launch new markets with fewer frictions, responding more quickly to market interests.

  • Automate complexity through blockchain-based processes across the lifecycle of financial instruments.

  • Enhance regulatory engagement via next-generation oversight.

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